• Equipment & Software Availability

    The availability of equipment depends on the donations we receive.
    Scroll down to see what is available, what may be available and what is not available.

    The following equipment IS available


    • Dual Core Desktop, Tower, & Laptop.

    • Faster processor speeds may be available when your request is processed.

    • CD-ROM drive included.

    • Laptop computer batteries are used and may need frequent changing.


    Windows 10 Pro

    • The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher (MRR) program authorizes GE Elfun Computer Rehab of Schenectady, Inc. to offer licensed copies of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro. There is a $10.00 per machine administrative fee..




    • LCD monitors, typically 17" and larger


    Network Interface Cards

    • 10/100BaseTX network cards installed with drivers.


    Keyboards and Mice

    • Standard 107-key USB keyboards.

    • Standard 2-button USB mice.


    Laptop Computers

    • Laptops are Dual Core or later processors and are complete with CD ROM drives.



    • Color Inkjet (may require the local purchase of ink cartridge).

    • Laser printers.

    • Multi-function printers with Scan/Copy/FAX/Print features are available in limited quantities.


    Microsoft Office Suite

    • Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint) is available only to non-profit organizations. It is installed on the computers for a $10.00 per computer administrative fee.


    The following equipment MAY BE available



    • Overhead
    • Video


    Speaker Sets

    • Speaker sets are available in limited numbers.




    • Scanners are sometimes available in limited numbers.


    Network Switchgear

    • Network switchgear may be available to meet your system needs. Call us for details.


    Multimedia Keyboards

    • Multimedia keyboards are sometimes available in limited numbers.


    CD Burners & DVD Drives

    • CD burners are sometimes available in very limited quantities.


    • DVD drives and burners are sometimes available.

    • Digital cameras
    • Servers
    • cartridges for laser printers

    The following equipment IS NOT available


    Macintosh Laptop Computers

    • Macintosh laptop computers are not available.


    Macintosh Computers & Monitors

    • Macintosh computers and monitors.




    Dot-matrix Printers

    • Dot-matrix printers are not available.





    Commercial Software

    • Commercial software other than Windows cannot be distributed due to licensing restrictions. We will, however, install any licensed software your organization owns.