Our Mission

 What We Do

Who We Are

  • Help bridge the digital divide by providing FREE computer systems to schools and nonprofit organizations that cannot afford to buy new equipment.

  • Extend the useful life of computers that are no longer wanted by businesses through REUSE rather than recycling them for scrap materials.
  • Accept donations of computer equipment from GE, local businesses and individuals.

  • Wipe the hard drives clean of all information and programs using Department of Defense conforming software.

  • Evaluate nonworking equipment using specialized diagnostic equipment and software.

  • Restore the computers to good working condition.

  • Install a fully licensed Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Rebuild printers, scanners and other peripherals and provide them as fully installed system components to clients as requested.

  • Donate the refurbished computer systems to schools and nonprofit organizations.

  • An ongoing volunteer program of GE Volunteers. Started in 1993.

  • A Federally recognized 501(c)(3) New York based nonprofit corporation.

  • A Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

  • A qualified partner with the National Cristina Foundation.

  • A member of Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Repair (AFTRR), a nationwide network of computer refurbishers to promote technology reuse for schools and nonprofits who are in need.

  • 33 retired GE employees (with over 1000 years of GE service) who donate over 8000 volunteer hours annually.


We have donated over 12000 computer systems plus associated computer

equipment  to over 1400 organizations in the past 23 years.